Protect Your People

And your business. Take a proactive approach to workplace safety.

PRO Resources is an outsourced HR company that’s helped hundreds of businesses just like yours. Our safety specialists can help with:

  • Negotiating workers’ compensation insurance 
  • Eliminating down payments, audits, and premiums
  • Accident and fraud investigation
  • Processing workers’ comp claims
  • Assisting with hearings and OSHA reviews
  • Coordinating return-to-work plans
  • Industry-specific safety training 

We are not insurance salesmen. We help businesses reduce risk across the board. And unlike national HR companies, we’re just a phone call away. Find out how we make safety something your employees actually care about.

Workers discussing safety best practices

Other HR headaches?

The bigger your business gets, the more complicated HR becomes. That’s why we started PRO Resources over 30 years ago — to give small businesses a fighting chance. When you outsource HR, you save money by increasing the impact of your time while decreasing risk and employee turnover. Ask us about: 

  • Benefits administration 
  • Employee administration
  • Payroll processing
  • Wellness programs 

When you partner with PRO, you get it all. Get the details on our website.