Stop Doing Your Paperwork

Seriously, let us do it instead. HR admin tasks eat up a lot of time. And when you'd rather be growing your business, the side effects can lead to lost revenue. 

PRO Resources is an outsourced HR company that’s helped hundreds of businesses just like yours. Our HR specialists can help with:

  • All employee admin tasks, like onboarding paperwork
  • Recruiting and hiring, like optimizing job descriptions
  • Policies and processes, like an employee handbook 
  • Soft-skills training and performance improvement plans
  • Compliance audits and recommendations

As part of our outsourced HR services, you’ll also get access to HR software, so your employees can accurately track their hours, make benefit selections, and more. Unlike national HR companies, we’re just a phone call away. See how much money you could save by getting your valuable time back.


PRO Resource employees chatting

Other HR headaches?

The bigger your business gets, the more complicated HR becomes. That’s why we started PRO Resources over 30 years ago — to give small businesses a fighting chance. When you outsource HR, you save money by increasing the impact of your time while decreasing risk and employee turnover. Ask us about: 

  • Workers’ comp and safety
  • Benefits administration
  • Payroll processing
  • Wellness programs 

When you partner with PRO, you get it all. Get the details on our website.