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Spotlight Media

"We've been really fortunate to partner up with PRO Resources. What they bring is this full suite of HR Solutions. It's been amazing — especially a company my size where it's maybe a little too small for a full-time HR person."

Mike Dragosavich
CEO, Spotlight Media
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Boys & Girls Club of Detroit Lakes

Executive Director Nick Stickler describes how hiring a PEO to manage their Payroll, Human Resources, Wellness, and Benefits gave them more time to focus on their mission and values and support local youth.

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Grafstrom Construction

"If I was talking to another business who was thinking about partnering with PRO, I would encourage them to take the leap. It's going to free you up to do a lot of other things, you'll have the peace of mind to just know that all that stuff is handled. There's a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to hiring, with benefits, and all of these things. So just knowing all of those things are handled properly, I don't spend a second worrying about it!"

- Dave Erickson, VP of Operations, Grafstrom Construction

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Red River Zoo

"Being able to use PRO and have all of the professionals right there at my fingertips has really saved me my time and let me be able to focus on what I need to do for my job."

-Sally Jacobson, Executive Director at Red River Zoo

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Alderon Case Study

Alderon Industries

"We're a growing business, and to do well in this competitive environment that we're in, we need to focus on what we do best."

-Bob Klabunde, President of Alderon Industries

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